Meet Our City Council


City Council is the legislative branch of the City.

City Council is the legislative branch of the City.









The City Council is composed of seven members, one of whom is elected by the qualified electors of the City at large, and six who are known as Ward Council members. Each Council member is nominated and elected by the qualified voters of his/her respective ward and shall serve a term of four years.

City Council is the legislative branch of the city with the responsibility of adopting annual operating and capital budgets and enacting the Steubenville City codes.

Legislation considered by City Council takes one of two forms – a resolution or an ordinance. A resolution expresses the views of City Council on a particular topic, while an ordinance directs that a specific action be taken. Resolutions are adopted; ordinances are passed.

Committees of Council  Meetings of Public Bodies

City Council meets at 7:30 p.m. every Tuesday.

The Council Clerk is appointed by the City Council. Clerk Karly Haley has been in service since May 10, 2017.

The committees in the council are the Finance, Service, Safety and Health, Planning, Public Utilities, Building and Grounds, Parks and Recreation, Transportation, Economic Development and Pride Committees. Each committee has regular meetings.

Steubenville City Council
115 South Third St, Steubenville, OH 43952
Phone:(740) 283-6000 Ext. 2100





1st Ward Councilman: Gerald DiLoreto
2nd Ward Councilman: Craig Petrella
3rd Ward Councilman: Eric Timmons
4th Ward Councilman: Scott Dressel
5th Ward Councilman: William Paul

6th Ward Councilman: Bob Villamagna




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