Health Department

Health Department

The Health Department, located at 119 South Third Street, Steubenville, monitors the health of the population, enforces health-related laws and provides health services.  The department employs seven full-time and three part-time employees.  The Health Commissioner, Patricia Reda, RN, is the head of the Health Department and is the administrative official.   Dr. John Figel, MD serves as Medical Director. The department is divided into several divisions, including Nursing, Plumbing, Environmental Health, and Vital Statistics.

News from Vital Statistics regarding birth and death certificates

Effective August 1st. 2013 the cost of a certified birth or death certificate will be $25.00

Patricia Reda

 Health CommissionerPatricia "Patty" Reda

Health Commissioner
Patricia “Patty” Reda

Patricia (Patty) Reda is a lifelong resident of the City of Steubenville.  She graduated in 1969 from the Wheeling Hospital School of Nursing and began her registered nursing career at Ohio Valley Hospital that same year.  In 1982, Patty joined the staff at St. John Medical Center as an emergency room nurse.  In 1987, Patty was hired by the Steubenville Board of Health as a staff nurse in the health department’s nursing division and in 1989 was appointed supervising nurse for the health department’s nursing division.  In 1993, the Board of Health appointed Patty as health commissioner for the City of Steubenville.

Patty is a member of the Association of Ohio Health Commissioners, serves on the executive committee of the Jefferson County Family and Children First Council; served as one of the organizers and one of the original board members of the Jefferson County 4th Street Health Center and a member of the Jefferson County Child Fatality Review Board.  She holds membership is several national public health organizations.


Health Department Division

Vital Statistics: The Registrar records all births and deaths that occur in the City of Steubenville, issues burial permits and provides certified copies of birth and death certificates.  Records are available
from 1909 to the present.

ABSTRACT is issued on 8 ½ x 7 security paper and has the following information: State file number, signature of state registrar, person’s first middle and last name, date of birth, sex, mother’s name at the time of this birth and her maiden name, father’s name and date record filed.

All birthplaces, applicants, mothers and fathers are listed as state or country only. The BIRTH RECORD IMAGE is an exact copy of the original birth record.  It is printed on 81/2 x 11 security paper.  In addition to the information on the abstract the image will include the name of the city and county of this birth and also the city of the parent’s birth, the name of the hospital where the birth occurred, the name of the attending physician, street address at time of this birth, parent’s age at time of this birth, signature of local registrar and on some, but not all images, the time of birth.The fee is the same for either the birth abstract or birth record image. Certified copies are issued in the office from 8:15 AM – 3:45 PM or through the mail.  Download the application to use for a mail-in request.

ALL MAIL – IN REQUEST ARE PROCESSED AND MAILED BACK THE SAME DAY RECEIVED. Personal checks are not accepted.  Call 1-740-283-6000 x 1503 or1504 with any questions.

Vital Statistics: 740-283-6000 Ext. 1503 or 1504


The Nursing Division

The Nursing Division provides a wide variety of health services and is staffed by one full time and two part time Registered Nurses.  Immunization clinics are held at the Health Department every Thursday from 9AM-11AM and 1PM-3PM.  There is a minimal vaccine administrative fee for childhood vaccines and some insurance plans can be billed for vaccine administration.  No child is denied vaccines due to inability to pay.  Adult vaccines are also provided-cost varies.  Call 740-283-6000, Ext. 1507 or 1508 for more information.

Limited testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia is done by appointment for male clients that reside in Steubenville.  Call 740-283-6000, Ext. 1506 for information and appointments.

Free and anonymous HIV testing is provided the second Friday of every month.  Testing is sponsored by Ursuline Sisters HIV/AIDS Ministry Comprehensive Care Center.  Please call 740-283-6000, Ext. 1503, 1504, 1505, or 1506 to make appointments.

Blood pressure screening is offered every Tuesday from 9AM-11AM and 1PM -3PM.

Tuberculosis (PPD, Mantoux) skin tests are administered every Tuesday from 9AM-11AM and 1PM-3PM.

The Nursing Division conducts communicable disease surveillance and is responsible for reporting communicable disease cases to the Ohio Department of Health.  Communication exists on a daily basis with local hospitals and medical providers to contain the spread of disease in the City of Steubenville.  Call 740-283-6000, Ext. 1506 for more information.



Refer to the following website for international travel vaccine information;

Refer to the following website for easy to read immunization schedules for infants and children;

Refer to the following website for information regarding influenza and influenza vaccine;




Refer to the following website for Bed Bug information;

Refer to the Ohio Department of Health website:


Nursing Division: 740-283-6000, Ext. 1506, 1507, or 1508.

Immunization billing questions: 740-283-6000, Ext. 1505 or 1513


Environment Health Division

Tony Pasquarella, R.S. issues food licenses and inspects food service operations, retail food establishment locations and tattoo parlors.  Mobile as well as temporary food service operations are also licensed and inspected. The division relies on public input and unannounced inspections toad inspects public swimming pools and spas as well as special use pools.  Other responsibilities include rabies control and animal bite quarantines and yearly pet vaccination clinics. Investigates nuisance complaints and issues abatement orders.

The Division of Environmental Health has also been selected by the Ohio Department of Health as coordinator for the HAN network.  The health alert network will help state and local health departments prepare and react to bio-terrorism.

Environmental : Tony Pasquarella, R. S. 740-283-6000 Ext. 1512


Plumbing Division

John Shanley, P.I. provides applications and issues Master Plumbing Registration, Journeymen and Apprentice Plumber cards.  He also conducts print review for all plumbing work.  Permits are issued for plumbing work and private pools.  The Plumbing Inspector inspects all newly installed hot water tanks, all site work on private property, along with the Engineering Department and Water and Sewer Departments.    The Plumbing Inspector conducts a backflow program, administers journeymen’s plumbers test and conducts code update school for plumbers.  The Plumbing Inspector encourages phone inquiries from the public regarding plumbing issues.

Plumbing: John Shanley, P. I. 740-283-6000 Ext. 1511


Board of Health

Mayor Domenick Mucci, Jr. serves as President of the Steubenville Board of Health.  The Mayor appoints the five members to the Board with the approval of City Council.  The chairman of the Health and Safety Committee of Council is the representative to the health board.  Dr. Patrick Macedonia serves as President-Pro-tempore.  Other members are: Mr. James Bolger, Dr. Paul DiBiase, Dr. Robert G. Filby, and Ms. Carletta Williams, NP.  Health Board meetings are held in the Pugliese Conference Room located at 115 So. Third Street , Steubenville, Ohio(City Hall Building) on the third Thursday of the month at 8:00 AM.

Hours of operation are :
Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00 Fax: 740-283-6056