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Ohio Healthy Homes

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Ohio Healthy Homes

April is Healthy Homes Awareness Month

Every day Americans are exposed to health hazards in their homes. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend about 90 percent of their time indoors. Indoor hazards include mold, lead, radon, carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, and pests. As Americans spend so much of their time indoors, these hazards can have negative effects on health including lead poisoning, carbon monoxide exposure, and injuries such as falls.

Despite the many hazards in homes, these health issues are preventable. To bring awareness to these health concerns, Ohio Governor John R. Kasich has designated April as Healthy Homes Awareness Month. There are seven principles of having a healthy home. Healthy homes are dry, clean, and safe. These homes are well-ventilated and well-maintained as well as free of contaminants and pests. It is important to have a healthy home to reduce rates of lead poisoning, asthma, and falling hazards.

The City of Steubenville Health Department is joining Gov. Kasich and the Ohio Department of Health to promote healthy homes for all Ohioans. In celebration of Healthy Homes Awareness Month, the Steubenville Health Department is providing programs throughout the month to education both the children and parents of our community.

This year’s HHAM theme, “Ohio Healthy Homes, Building a Foundation for Healthy Lives” underscores the importance of having and maintaining a healthy home to support wellness throughout people’s lives.

Families can maintain a healthy home by understanding the seven principles of a healthy home.

  • Keep it dry. Prevent water damage and mold growth by checking your plumbing, your roof, and your draining system for leaks. Make sure your basement remains dry.
  • Keep it clean. Remove clutter and contaminants from your home. Use a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum and wet cleaning methods to remove small dust particles and lead-based paint dust.
  • Keep it safe. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Put fire extinguishers in your home. Address possible home safety hazards, which can include uneven steps or missing railings.
  • Keep it well-ventilated. Increase the amount of fresh air in your home. Eliminate tobacco smoke and test your home for radon and carbon monoxide.
  • Keep it contaminant-free. Reduce your exposure to lead and other contaminants in your home. If your home is connected to a well, have the water tested regularly.
  • Keep it well-maintained. Inspect, clean, and repair your home routinely. Check your gutters, downspouts, air filters, heating system, and batteries in smoke alarms regularly.
  • Keep it pest-free. Seal cracks and openings to prevent insects and rodents from entering your home. Keep food in airtight containers and clean up any spills and extra food immediately.

Below you will find shortcuts providing details regarding April’s Healthy Homes Awareness Month:

Healthy Homes Awareness April Flyer
Healthy Homes Checklist

For more information, please contact the Steubenville City Health Department at (740) 283-6000 x1506.


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health calendar

Annual SSO/WIB Report

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Annual SSO/WIB Report

This report contains the number, causes, and approximate locations where city sewer lines backed up and wastewater came out of the lines through manholes or backed up into the basements of residences.

2017 Steubenville SSO-WIB Report

Lovers Lane Roundabout

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Lovers Lane Roundabout

Lovers Lane Project

Lovers Lane Project

The City of Steubenville, in conjunction with the Brooke-Hancock-Jefferson Metropolitan Planning Commission (BHJ), completed this project to improve the intersection of Lovers Lane and Ft. Steuben Drive.
The City has a history of ordinances and resolutions dating back to 1976 for improvements to Lovers Lane.
The City initiated a Concept Study in 2008 of the Lovers Lane corridor. This study included the T-intersection of Lovers Lane and Fort Steuben Drive. The Brooke, Hancock, Jefferson Regional Transportation Plan 2035 (approved in 2012) and the ODOT FY 2014-2017 Transportation Improvement Program include funding for an improvement at this intersection in 2016. Current project builds upon concepts previously developed in the 2008 study.





-Informational Documents-


Fact Sheet

Alternate 2 – Roundabout

How to navigate a single-lane roundabout


-Roundabout Informational Videos-




Roundabout Construction Timelapse-



Roundabout Aerial with Traffic-



Water System Improvement

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Water System Improvement

The links below will direct you to information on the Water System Improvement Plan for the City of Steubenville.  This is an outline of the direction the City of Steubenville Administration is taking to address the issues with the water system. This information is for the citizens of Steubenville to view and consider.  Any comments about this plan should be forwarded to the Engineering or Water Departments on this websites contact page.

Columbia Gas Pipeline

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Columbia Gas Pipeline

Columbia Gas of Ohio to begin pipeline improvement project
Utility investing $8.8 million in three Steubenville neighborhoods in 2014

Columbia Gas of Ohio will begin major pipeline improvement projects in three Steubenville neighborhoods in 2014. The company will replace more than 50,000 feet of natural gas mainline and more than 1,260 customer service lines in the Sunset Boulevard, Maryland Avenue and Rosswell Avenue areas of Steubenville.

As part of our commitment to ensure the safest, most reliable delivery of natural gas to all of our valued customers, we will replace existing steel pipe with longer lasting, specially-designed plastic pipe.

The construction work requires a temporary interruption of natural gas service.  Columbia Gas will make personal contact with customers prior to shutting off service and to schedule service restoration.

Customers with indoor meters will have them moved outside of the home. An outdoor meter eliminates the risk of shut off due to access issues, and provides first responders with easy access to the meter during an emergency. This is a safety enhancement and a convenience to our customers. Any meter move out and customer service line replacement will be done at no additional cost to the customer.

Please see maps below that show the areas in which we will be working.

Visit us on Facebook to learn more about the construction process, ask questions and get up-to-date construction information on our Steubenville projects.

RosswellAveSteub_Poster MarylandAveSteub_Poster SunsetBlvdSteub_Poster

Birth/Death Certificate Info

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Birth/Death Certificate Info

The Registrar records all births and deaths that occur in the City of Steubenville, issues burial permits and provides certified copies of birth and death certificates.  Records are available
from 1909 to the present.

ABSTRACT is issued on 8 ½ x 7 security paper and has the following information: State file number, signature of state registrar, person’s first middle and last name, date of birth, sex, mother’s name at the time of this birth and her maiden name, father’s name and date record filed.

All birthplaces, applicants, mothers and fathers are listed as state or country only. The BIRTH RECORD IMAGE is an exact copy of the original birth record.  It is printed on 81/2 x 11 security paper.  In addition to the information on the abstract the image will include the name of the city and county of this birth and also the city of the parent’s birth, the name of the hospital where the birth occurred, the name of the attending physician, street address at time of this birth, parent’s age at time of this birth, signature of local registrar and on some, but not all images, the time of birth.The fee is the same for either the birth abstract or birth record image. Certified copies are issued in the office from 8:15 AM – 3:45 PM or through the mail.  Download the application to use for a mail-in request.

ALL MAIL – IN REQUEST ARE PROCESSED AND MAILED BACK THE SAME DAY RECEIVED. Personal checks are not accepted.  Call 1-740-283-6000 x 1503 or1504 with any questions.

Vital Statistics: 740-283-6000 Ext. 1503 or 1504

Birth Certificate Example


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The City of Steubenville Wastewater Department is starting a public information and education program called FLUSH AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!. The purpose of the program is to inform and educate the people in our city about the risks of using and flushing down toilets items that do not break down (non-dispersible items) when flushed down the toilet. Non-dispersible items clog toilets, household plumbing, and city sewer lines when flushed down the toilet, which can lead to serious illness, loss of personal belongings, property damage, and contamination of rivers, creeks, and streams. Some examples of non-dispersible items that people flush down a toilet are baby wipes, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, and feminine use products. While many of these items claim to be flushable or safe for sewer and septic they will not break down like toilet paper when flushed down a toilet. The only things that should ever be flushed down a toilet are bodily fluids, feces, and toilet paper (an easy way to remember this is “pee, poop, puke, and toilet paper”); anything else may result in the clogging of household plumbing or the city’s sewer lines.

Please look at the picture of the homeowners lateral below to see what can happen over time to the plumbing where you live when “flushable wipes” are flushed down the toilet. In this case, the “flushable wipes” filled nearly the entire length of the line that carries the sewage from the house to the city’s sewer a little at a time over a few years; clearly, the “flushable wipes” never broke down like toilet paper. This resulted in their household sewage backing up into their basement because the line was clogged with “flushable wipes”. Since the homeowner is responsible for the maintenance and repair of their lateral, they had to hire a plumber at their expense to have the “flushable wipes” cleaned out of their line. If this homeowner did not have the proper insurance coverage, they would have had to, at their own expense, clean and sanitize the basement, dispose of and replace any personal belongings damaged by the sewage, and risk serious illness.


2013 Steubenville Homeowner Sewer Lateral


Flushing non-dispersible items down the toilet cost the Wastewater Department thousands of dollars each year. These costs continue to rise as the numbers of non-dispersible items available for purchase continue to rise. Sewer backups caused at least in part by these items occurs several times each year resulting in thousands of dollars in overtime costs, regular man hours, equipment operating costs, and disposal costs. When these items reach the Wastewater Treatment Plant there are additional costs associated with capturing and removing these items from the water, disposal fees at the landfill, and repair of pumps and other equipment damaged by these items.

For additional valuable information regarding flushable wipes and other non-dispersing products, you can visit the North American Clean Water Association website. 

Strategic plan 2010-2020

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Strategic plan 2010-2020

In the year 2020, the City of Steubenville, Ohio will be known as. . .


  • A city that while smaller in population acknowledges and finds solutions to the leading social issues that affect the quality of life.
  • A city that embraces both public and private institutions of higher learning in order to foster a positive relationship that supports the local business and cultural climate.
  • A city that inclusively recognizes and embraces the racial and cultural diversity of its community
  • A city that is business friendly and invites diversified business development leading to economic opportunity for its citizens
  • A city that is financially sound and responsible while preserving its aesthetic appeal and sustaining quality services to the public provided by committed employees and talented citizens
  • A city that has meaningful and productive partnerships with agencies and neighboring communities in order to develop more efficient ways to enhance services
  • A city with progressive growth and development that embraces its history, beauty and sense of community

Strategic Plan 2010-2020


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