The City Requests Your Assistance!

Customers of the Steubenville Water Department,

The City needs your assistance in identifying the material of construction of your water service line entering your home or building.

The EPA regulations for lead and copper monitoring require us to test a certain number of sites for lead and copper. According to the rules, which were recently modified, at least fifty percent (50%) of the sites should be from places having a lead service line. In order to insure compliance, we need to have more sites from locations that have lead lines. Steubenville has no records that identify what material individual service lines were made of.

Attached is an explanation of an easy way to identify what material the service line is made of. We would ask that you use this method to determine what material your line is made of, and if it is lead, we would ask that you consider participate in our testing program.

Why should you bother? Having elevated levels of lead can cause health problems in adults and children. In the case of children developmental issues can be of concern. Learning and other problems can arise. So if there are children in the home, you would want to reduce the risk should a lead service line be in use at your home. Adults can also have problems. High blood pressure as well as liver and kidney issues can be a problem.

No matter what your age or age group, less lead is better! All that is needed, should you have a lead service, would be for one morning, after six hours when no water has been drawn, to draw the first one-liter sample, complete a very brief form, and call the water plant to arrange for us to pick up the sample.

We will send it to a contract lab for analysis for both lead and copper. Even if you are below what is referred to as the action level, we will notify you of the results at no cost to you at all.

If the results were above the action level, you would be notified immediately, and then you would know what action(s) you could take to remedy the situation. So, if you have a problem you would know, and could take corrective action and eliminate potential health issues. If you don’t have a problem, you would know that as well, and could be assured you and/or your children will not have any health related issues as a result of lead in your drinking water.

Please follow the procedure attached, and in the event your service is lead, please call us at the water plant and participate in our monitoring program.

Identifying what material your home or building’s Water Service line is comprised of

Thank you,
Robert Disch
Operator of Record
Steubenville Water Treatment Plant

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