URB Hearing 02.6.2018

Utility Review Board Hearing: 02/06/2018

Account:                              Richard Blackburn                           529 Lawson Ave.

Dispute:            Utility Office detected high consumption at the address and notified Richard.  He stated that this property was vacant and being remodeled.  There was a busted water line under the sink causing very high consumption.  Mr. Blackburn would like credit based on he has been paying minimum bills for this property and has not been using water there.  He would like credit for water he paid for and not used.

Decision:           Mr. Blackburn submitted proof that the water line was fixed.  The Board decided that credit can be given for a portion of the sewer in accordance with the City’s water policy Section X:B:1. And no other credit can be given.  Also, payments can be made over 12 months of $86.00 plus the current month’s bill.




Account:                              John Criss                                            509 Lovers Ln.

Dispute:            Mr. Criss is disputing an $80.00 after hour call out fee charged to him for services to turn water off on 12/30/2017.  He states that the charge is excessive and he also thinks it was on 01/02/2018.

Decision:           After careful review of the work order and payroll records, it was decided that the call out did occur on 12/30/17.  The work was performed outside of regular working hours.  The Board decided that Mr. Criss is responsible for the call out fee that is outlined under Section XXVI of the City’s water policy.







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