URB Hearings 01.23.18 and 1.30.18

Utility Review Board Hearing: 01/23/2018

Account:                              Elaine Panyi                       415 Union Ave.                

Dispute:             Utility Office detected high consumption at the address.  Upon arriving at the property

It was discovered that it was unoccupied and he could hear water running so water was turned off at the curb box.  The next day a toilet was found running.

Decision:           Mrs. Panyi submitted proof that the toilet had been fixed.  The Board decided that

credit could be given for the sewage portion in accordance with the City’s water policy Section X:A:2:B:1.  Also, she may make 12 monthly payments of $125.18.



Utility Review Board Hearing: 01/30/2018

Account:                              Sasha Sims                          324 Virginia Ave.

Dispute:             Sasha Sims asked for a hearing concerning the water line breaks in the downtown area.

Decision:           Sasha Sims failed to cancel or show for the hearing.  Therefore, the Board decided that no

further hearings would be allowed for this matter.



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